Ghostly Horses: Stallions (VRChat)

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Introducing Ghostly Horse Stallion! An immersive and customizable horse base model for social platforms. (Currently set up for VRChat.)

Required Unity Asset:

⚠️This base model is currently set up for PC, Quest will need to be converted and switched to Android target build in VRC SDK

Select your Tier:

Tier 1 - SFW Default Base

  • Includes Unity scene with the SFW base models already prepared.
  • Blender/FBX, PSD, and Substance Painter files are included.
  • Different blendshape to alter and change horse head and body shape.
  • Includes the zebra/donkey tail type.
  • Includes a new outfit, sleeveless hoodie toggle and features hood up/down.
  • Various premade texture re-colors for outfit and body types.

Tier 2 - SFW +Unicorn Pegasus

  • Include Unity Scene with SFW Unicorn Pegasus bases.
  • 3.0 Avatar menus for wing controls and toggles.
  • Wings can flap, hug, raise, and spread outwards.
  • Unicorn horns can be toggle on/off.

Tier 3 - NSFW Complete Package

  • Includes Unity scene with both SFW and NSFW on all base variations.
  • The outfit will have separate toggles for shorts and top.
  • 3.0 Avatar menus for NSFW features horse penis control menu.
  • NSFW feature will have anus open slider.
  • Horse penis files is also provided as a separate mesh for implementing the dynamic penetration shader. 

⚠️Please do not upload as public, and take precautions to keep your personal model safe.

If you got any questions or need help, dm me on discord: Ghostly#4073 or contact me via email:

Update Changelogs:

====[ NEW PhysBones v2.0]=====

  • Complete update to VRC PhysBones
  • Unity scene updated with new FBXs
  • Blender files are remade to be more organized and better optimized
  • Removed transparency material for eyes

====[ v2.2]======

  • Fixed hair root not weight painted to the hair mesh
  • Updated Unity prefabs and blender files

====[ v2.3]======

  • Added NSFW variant for tier 3, DPS shader version. (Requires Raliv DPS shader asset)

Refund Policy

I cannot provide any refunds since this is a digital product. Upon purchasing you are accepting my TOS and this policy thus refunds will not be applicable. All sales are final and if you have any issues with the model, please contact me and I will gladly help you to get the model to work. 

You are not allowed to upload as public

Licensing and Terms of Service:

  • Upon purchasing this model, you are confirming that you are over the legal age of 18.
  • You are allowed to edit and customize for your own personal use.
  • You are allowed to edit and upload onto other social platforms such as Resonite, Chillout VR for personal use only.
  • Personal usage for streaming, v-tubing, and etc is allowed.
  • Do not upload as public, resell or redistribute the model or parts.
  • I will no longer provide refunds since this is a digital product. If you have a problem with the model please contact me via discord. (Ghostly#4073)
  • Do not claim the model as your own work, please credit me whenever possible, and do not use this for any commercial purposes.
  • If you happen to break my TOS, you will be blacklisted from my Gumroad and possible legal actions will be taken against you.
  • I am not responsible for any misuse of the model or administrative actions taken against you. Be responsible and follow my TOS and of the platform
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Refund Policy

Due to the nature of downloadable digital products and assets, refunds will not be applicable. Upon purchasing you are accepting my Terms of Services and this refund policy. All sales are final and if you have any issues with the package, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at and I will gladly help you to get it working.

Under any other circumstances or if you have any exceptional cases, such as accidentally purchasing multiple versions, please contact me, and I can help sort that out for you.


Last updated Jun 17, 2023

Unity package includes the Ghostly Stallion. Model and texture source files are included for customizations.

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Ghostly Horses: Stallions (VRChat)

54 ratings
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